The cooperatives

The network includes more than 60 FCCTQ member companies with more than thirty cooperatives. These companies offer services to over 65,000 subscribers and generate more than $ 15 million in sales.

The first cooperatives, created mainly in the regions in Quebec, were intended solely to provide cable services to access the same range of TV channels in major cities and adopted the formula of the consumer cooperative.

 In recent years we have witnessed the advent of a new generation cooperatives. These unions were created primarily to provide access to high speed Internet (HSI) and adopt the formula of cooperative solidarity.

With the regulatory changes of recent years and the development of new technologies, many cooperatives have made the modernization their networks and have diversified their services enabling them to offer :

  • DTV (digital television);
  • HDTV (High Definition television);
  • High Speed Internet (HSI);
  • telephone (cable or internet).

Cooperatives are governed by La Loi sur les coopératives. A study by the Directorate of Cooperatives Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export (MDEIE) stressed that the survival of cooperatives in the telecommunications sector is 90.6% after five years and 92 6% after ten years (Taux de survie des coopératives au Québec - Édition 2008).