Other references

Cooperatives Directory

The Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade (MDEIE) provides a Répertoire des coopératives non financières du Québec. You can search by the name of the cooperative or a more advanced search by industry, class of cooperatives or their location.

Business Directory of Telecommunications Services

The Ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade (MDEIE) is also available to Internet users, a Répertoire des entreprises des services de télécommunications. You can search by company name or with the services offered by companies.

Connecting citizens, organizations and businesses high-speed Internet in Quebec - Companion Guide

The Working Group on Rural Connects has produced a companion guide Brancher les citoyens, les organisations et les entreprises du Québec à Internet haute vitesse du Québec to support communities to develop high-speed Internet. This practical guide describes the main steps of the process to be undertaken to develop these services.


Relay Coop: the transfer of a business to a cooperative

The Federation of Cooperatives Regional Development of Quebec (FCDRQ) has produced various tools (brochures, guides) to facilitate and support the transfer of business to a cooperative. These tools are aimed at both prescribers (those involved in advising the sellers), transferors (those who want to sell their business) as investor groups (those who can take over the company).